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DeeNovo Amazing Shades of Gray

Rain ~ Blue Merle Female - Full Tail

DeeNovo Colour Me Amazing Blue

River ~ Blue Merle Male 1 - Short NBT

DeeNovo So So Amazing Blue Royal

SoSo ~ Blue Merle Male 2 - Long NBT

DeeNovo Journey of Amazing Fate

Pilgrim ~ Blue Merle Male 3 - Full Tail

DeeNovo Amazing Dream Come True

McDreamy ~ Blue Merle Male 4 - Full Tail

DeeNovo Amazing Black Moonshadow

Jett ~ Black Tri Male 1 - Full Tail

DeeNovo Amazing Star Lite Wonder

Gabriel ~ Black Tri Male 2 - Full Tail

DeeNovo Amazing Midnight Magic

Caleb ~ Black Tri Male 3 - Short NBT

DeeNovo Amazing Heart of Endurance

Leon ~ Red Merle Male - Short NBT

DeeNovo Light My Amazing Fire

Soul ~ Red Tri Male - Long NBT

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